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This App combines two of J. S. Arban’s characteristic studies 1 & 10 for Trumpet and also Carnival of Venice.
You can practise with performances of the studies at tempi from 50 to 120bpm. At the faster speeds there are appropriate changes of tempi during the Piu Lento section.

A graphic beat counter above the music notation acts as a conductor to help you keep you in time.

This is an efficient and effective way to develop your double tonguing. The solo part, with which you can play along, helps keep the ‘doubles’ evenly produced if you practise slowly at first. Then by sensibly increasing your practice speed you will gain stamina and control at the faster tempi.

Similarly you can increase your single tonguing speed.

Playing along with the Piu Lento will also help improve intonation.

The controls are very easy to use.

It will make you want to do more practice!

Play along with the performance. Slow it down, play a few bars over and over again until you’re practice perfect.


Brilliant Arban’s Carnival of Venice Trumpet practise App.

See our link below for the Carnival of Venice practice App