25 songs on Recorder Music Practice Apps Level 1, 2 & 3.


Youth Band Music

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Project aim

Create a new music practice piece that helps learners to read, practise and perform Brass/Wind and Marching Band music.

Would you like to play Gangnam Style or maybe Excerpts from Frozen in a Band ? Or your own virtual Band ?

About the project

The project aim is to create Apps that will provide a range of practice pieces for Brass and Wind and Marching Bands. The functions of our unique player allows each instrumentalist to practise and learn their own parts.

eto Music Practice is a small App production and publishing company based in Ceredigion, Wales. We have created our own App music player that has many unique features. These help the learner to practise the music at a tempi to suit themselves, added with a beat counter and ensemble backing if required. The video demonstrates how this works.

Our eto Music Practice can be applied to all styles and standards of music making individually and in ensemble.

They are globally published on iTunes and Google Android and we are preparing for publication via our website. I have added a link to the current catalogue as per below.

We have recently created three new Beginner Level Apps for Recorder Music aimed at schools. In the next few weeks we will publish the first unique piano practice App for the EastEnders theme. ( Sony/ATV Licence).
eto Music practice Apps have created and published a variety of music practice Apps for Trumpet, Sax, Clarinet, Piano and beginner level Apps for Piano and Jazz. These Apps have been selling globally to some 33 countries.
We have also created a unique new version of the Welsh National Anthem for the National Library of Wales. This provides separate parts for each voice in the choir, and practise of the Welsh pronunication.
Why this App Project is unique:

You may be a band member already and want to have extra practice. You may love playing but haven’t got the time to go to a band or there is no band nearby.

Your investment will give you 24/ 7 access to your instrument’s part on our web site or Tablet of BOTH pieces.

For instance a Trumpet player can practise any of the Trumpet parts, Trumpet 1 or 2.

Anyone of any age who wants to start making music will find this App invaluable and really enjoyable.

It is a most effective and enjoyable way of learning a part, improving  your playing and music reading.

eto is a Welsh language word meaning again…

You will learn and improve more quickly because you’ll want to practise again and again and again…

As you can see in the Demo:

  • Your part will be displayed on the screen
  • The Beat Counter will be your conductor
  • The sound of the instrument playing your part will also help your intonation …..keep you in tune.
  • When you are ready, switch off the sound of your instrument and you play the part, on your own, in the band.
  • Practice at slower speeds and repeat any section of the music.
  • When you can play a particular section go on to the next.
  • eto Music Practice is a proven method which gives you the advantages joy of practising with other people.

    The tunes are listed in the Main Menu and you are shown which notes are in each tune.
    It’s so easy to use:

  • Choose the music you want to practise
  • Click  Play to listen to your part being played at the final tempo
  • Lower the tempo if you need to
  • Practise all the tune or section by section,
  • Increase your  practice tempo when ready.
  • Go through the piece section by section.

eto Band 24/7 could also be useful for existing bands. Members could practice their parts, come along to the band with them already sorted and the actual live band practice could concentrate more on interpretation than practising the notes.

A typical arrangement might be:

2 x Flutes

1 x Oboe

3 x Clarinet
1 x Bass Clarinet
2 x Alto Saxophone
1 x Tenor Saxophone
1 x Bari Saxophone
1 x Bassoon
2 x French Horns
3 x Trumpets
2 x Trombones
1 x Euphonium
1x Tuba
1 x Timpani
3 x Percussion

1 x Piccolo

All production is in-house to eto Music Practice. Our background and skills include professional musicians, App creators, Graphic Designers and PR Marketing skills. We promote our Apps globally and to schools direct.


Brilliant Arban’s Carnival of Venice Trumpet practise App.

Brilliant Arban’s Carnival of Venice Trumpet practise App.

25 songs on Recorder Music Practice Apps Level 1, 2 & 3.

On iTunes for iPad:


On Google Play for Android:


25 songs on Recorder Music Practice Apps Level 1, 2 & 3.

25 songs on Recorder Music Practice Apps Level 1, 2 & 3.