25 songs on Recorder Music Practice Apps Level 1, 2 & 3

Posted: February 16, 2015 in music practice, music theory, read music, Recorder music
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25 different songs on three Apps.

Anyone of any age who wants to start making music will find this App invaluable and really enjoyable.

It is the most effective way of learning to read music……learn as you play note by note.

Learn and improve more quickly because you’ll want to practise more often.

Music reading and music theory skills will be developed and can later be transferred to another instrument or be used to carry on and explore the wonderful Recorder repertoire.

Start with one note and a great accompaniment.

The Beat Counter will show you where you are on the music page and keep you in time.

The sound of the recorder playing along with you will help keep you in tune.

When you are ready, switch off the sound of the recorder and become the soloist.

Practice at slower speeds and repeat any section of the music.

When you can play the one note go onto the next.

A proven method which gives you the experience of true music making right from the start.

The tunes are listed in the Main menu and you are shown which notes are in each tune.

It’s so easy to use:

• Tap the Note Buttons to bring up a diagram which shows where to place your fingers

• Tap on a tune name when you are ready to practise.

• Press Play to listen to the tune being played at the final tempo (speed)

• Tap the – sign to lower the tempo.

• Practise all the tune or section by section,

• Increase your practice tempo when ready.

• Go on to the next tune.


Level 1 Recorder has 10 tunes. Here is a list of the tune titles and what notes each uses:

B Happy – B
Star Code – B
Go for A Walk – A
Two Note Blues – A, B
GEE! – G
A Quiet Salsa – G, A
Old RockDonald’s BAG – B, A, G
The Banjo BAG – B, A, G
Be Happy Again – B, A, G
Level 2 Recorder has 10 tunes. Here is a list of the tune titles and what notes each uses:

High CD Rock – C^, D^
Bing Bong – G, A, B, C^, D^
Bing BongED – E, D (and a duet to play Bing Bong in two parts)
BeachED – E, D (extra practice to help cover all the holes)
Old RockDonald – D, E, G, A, B
F# and G Polka – F#, G
Sharp Sailing – E, F`#, G, A, B
Banjo – E, dD F#, G, A. B, C^, D
Giant Leaps – C^, D, D^, E, E^, G, G^
Jingle Bells – D, E, F#, G, A, B, C^, D^, E^, G^
Level 3 Recorder has 5 tunes. Here is a list of the tune titles and what notes each uses:

C# and D Polka – C#^, D^
Jac y Do – E, A, B, C#^, D^
Natural Beach – F, G
On the Beacxh – D, E, F, G, A, B
Flat Blues- G, A, Bb




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    These Apps will also soon be available on Android Google Play and as streaming online version for schools at £25 pa including 30 Licences.


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