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Posted: April 28, 2014 in Uncategorized

I had a wonderful music education…so packed with opportunity. Orchestra and Wind Band to play and perform with every day at Pontypridd Grammar School. That’s in Wales, UK in the coalmining district of the Rhondda Valley. Brass Bands to rehearse with three nights a week.The Glamorgan Youth Orchestra met each school holiday for residential courses; similarly the National Youth Orchestra of Wales each summer. I played the notes but equally importantly learnt the etiquette of orchestral/ ensemble playing. Playing in the pit orchestras for the high quality amateur operatic societies dotted throughout the Rhondda…and other valleys!
Gigging….sixteen piece Top Rank bands, full orchestras for choral societies, dance bands, cabaret…playing for a generation that did a Strictly Come Dancing every week for pure pleasure.
The gigging went on whatever else musically I was involved with…. classical to jazz…. even…episodes of progressive rock…on keyboard! Lots of work in Theatre.
Then along came (35 years ago) music technology and it has developed and developed and developed. Creating virtual performances, recording, inset for teachers.
Sadly witnessed the demise of state music education system…I don’t blame the teachers. The opportunity that my generation had is no longer there; opportunity for all regardless of the amount of money parents could afford.
Now I’m trying combine my ‘traditional’ music making background with my music technology experience by developing the way in which 21st century music technology can help and motivate instrumental and vocal practice.
Here are some inks to the results of my work so far.
You Tube Demos:
The Arban Cornet Study No. 2 –

Carnival of Venice –

Gabrielli Conzona No. 1 –

Webpractice in the Classroom –
To our Apps in App Store:


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