How to make a Great Music App !

Posted: February 13, 2014 in Uncategorized
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One upon a time I was involved with BBC Graphic Design and BBC News in helping to create the first ever online offerings such as BBC Newsonline. The lead graphic designer came up with a phrase for us to use as we had no idea in those days what anything should look like ! The only suggestion we had was from Bill Gates who said we should start with the Microsoft logo on the front page ! ( We didn’t go with that………)

So, our big formula was the same as we use now for creating our Music practice Apps:


Hot: Means that it looks good, interesting, attractive, fun to explore

Simple: Means it has to be simple to use and navigate ( by any age group )

Deep: Make sure there is good content, depth of content and plenty to keep your user satisfied.

So there you go, we create Apps that are Hot, Simple and Deep. Enjoy !


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