Some Pills You Can Sugar Some You Can’t!

Posted: January 9, 2014 in Uncategorized

ETOPRACTICE APPS  are not designed to create an add-on irrelevant music game.

They recognise that practising on any instrument is a necessary repetitive activity which for many…not all of course…can sometimes be a lonely and boring experience.

Lonely because nobody can do your practice for you!

Boring perhaps because repetition is the ONLY way which your appropriate muscles can be trained to react as a reflex to the music you read from the stave.

We at WebPractice are convinced that ETOPRACTICE APPS go a long way to alleviate this possible loneliness and boredom….

  • you have an accompanist and a virtual practice partner to keep you company.
  • your virtual accompanist and practice partner will play chosen bars or sections at various tempi to help you practise the necessary repetitions in a more efficient manner.
  • in addition, your practice partner will always be in tune…if you listen carefully your intonation is bound to improve.

Happy WebPractising

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