Music Education: A Tree of Knowledge

Posted: December 15, 2013 in Uncategorized

Music in Princeton

In a society where budget cuts are made all over the country, it is no wonder that music education seems to feel as if it is going through a “reconstruction” phase. That is not to say that music educators are trying to start over, but music educators are trying to reform their practices to keep music from being cut out of school budgets. Music programs are usually the first to be taken out of schools because music is seen as “less valuable” than other areas of academia and “not directly related to the work force.”

What non-musicians fail to see is that music education is much more than just teaching how to “sing” or “play an instrument.” It is not merely listening to music and being able to tell the teacher “how it makes you feel.” The aesthetics of music are definitely a huge tenant of music education, but there…

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